Axpert Jobs Now Offers Unlimited Free Job Posting

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    • Axpert Jobs Now Offers Unlimited Free Job Posting

      Thanks for taking time to read my email. We @ Axpert Jobs invite all Human Resource (HR’s), Recruiters,Employers & Business owners to Post Unlimited Jobs for Free in our India’s First Free Jobs Board. There are no payment plans for posting jobs or offering employment, its absolutely FREE.

      Free Jobs posted at our Job Board will get advertised in Google, Bing & SocialNetwork to find the perfect job candidate. Why you want to spend when we promote job postings in social media and our job board network for Free.

      Post Jobs now or see network of Free Job Board Sites and take an advantage of using our Free Job Posting Sites List.

      We request you to please support our Free Job Posting Service byposting jobs in India, also we would be honored if you could join our LinkedinGroup only for HR's @

      At Axpert Jobs, we understand the need for you to find talent that can meet the man power needs of your business, enterprise or organization. To this end we try to help you reach the right kind of talent by creating a platform to help YOU and recruiters all around India find the right employees - all in a few clicks and at ZERO cost.

      The best part? We give employers and recruiters a chance to post jobs and access our readilyavailable talent database for FREE!

      Please reply to this thread if you have any questions.