What is Applicant Tracking System?

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    • What is Applicant Tracking System?

      Applicant Tracking System automates the online job application and resume tracking process It simplifies reviewing, responding to resumes and selecting the best applicant for the job. Applicant tracking system tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting through to candidate screening, selection, sending offer letter and hiring.

      Using Axpert Jobs Free Applicant Tracking System, Employers & Recruiters can:

      • Track the applicant
      • Automate the selection process
      • Inform the Job Seeker about his Status
      • Generate Report about Applicants
      • Know the selection status of the particular Job Seeker
      • Check the applicant profile
      • Compare two Resumes
      • Check Resume Match vs Job
      • Rate the Job Seeker selection rounds
      • Do the Screening, Interview and Final selection

      Requirement gathering
      HR department or the recruiter in your company can create a profile & register in the system. Recruiters can then login and post jobs through a simple form. The entire process is automated and online.
      Online job posting
      The application automatically posts the job requirements on your website. All the details of the job profile along with location, job category, salary, company information etc are made visible for the candidates.
      Job application
      Candidates who visit the website can apply for the job with a single click for the selected job opening. Applicants can post resume and apply online.
      Resume processing
      The system formats and stores resumes in the database. It gives immediate information on candidate resume, application history and referrals.
      Resume screening and extraction
      Our applicant tracking system can perform advance search and automatically match the resumes with the job requirements and lists the candidates based on their qualifications, experience, location, and skills.
      Edit applicant round and current status
      The employer can change the applicant current status/round to Screening / Telephone / Interview / Skill check / Background check / Reference check. The current status can be revised by changing the drop down to: New, In-Process, Rejected, Approved.
      Continuous candidate tracking
      The applicant tracking system tracks the candidate throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Starting from pre-screening, telephone round, technical round, reference checks, job offer, offer acceptance, to joining.
      Automated correspondence
      After short-listing, the application sends out emails to the selected candidates to take the communication to the next level. The recruiter can manage the formats of this correspondence, offer letter or interview call letters.
      Shows a consolidated bar chart and date wise status of Screening / Telephone / Interview / Skill check / Background check / Reference check in various rounds – New, In Process, Rejected & Approved.
      The ATS enables the hiring managers to manage the recruitment process online. They can manage each stage of the process mentioned above and monitor continuously to assess different stages of recruitment.