How to use Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

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    • How to use Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

      First login to Employer control panel and then select Active jobs link in Job posting section.

      List of Active Jobs

      Check the menu buttons appearing in the right of the page. Note: The menu buttons that located on the right side of the page are for the selected job posting.

      If you have multiple job postings then you will need to select the job posting for which you want to view applications. Please see the instructions below:

      If you see arrow icon is next to the job posting under Actions then this job posting is selected and you can click View Applications located on the right side.
      If you see info icon is next to the job posting under Actions then this job posting is not selected, now you will need to click the info icon and then you can click View Applications located on the right side.

      View Applications

      Complete details of applicant are displayed:
      – Applicant id
      – Candidate name
      – Applied
      – Round/Status
      – Rating
      – Action

      In applicant tracking process, Job seeker is given an auto-generated Applicant ID when they apply for Job. Job seekers are displayed as an applicant on the respective Employer Control panel under the List of Jobs section. Employer can manage the applicant tracking system with Applicant ID. On this page Applicant Id is the auto generated ID and Round/Status are for the Status of Job seeker Rounds taken for the selections process By default one circle is appearing on this page, which means that job seeker is on the initial state and he hasn’t gone through any selection process There is one more circle image (
      ) is appearing in the Round/Status section which shows that the applicant is new Now select the particular applicant by selecting the action image of the particular applicant.

      View Resume: Check the particular applicant profile by clicking – View Resume

      Job Applicant Selection Process:

      Edit Selection Round

      As per the applicant interaction with employer choose and edit:
      – Screening Round
      – Telephone Round
      – Interview Round
      – Skill check Round
      – Background check Round
      – Reference check Round
      Select the applicant on clicking action button of the particular applicant Click on change status button Page appears as Applicant Status and update.

      Applicant Status:

      – Click Change Status button
      – Page appears as Applicant Status
      – Choose the Set Status and click the update button
      – There are five options in the drop down list , Named as

      – Process
      – Completed (Waiting)
      – Completed (Rejected)
      – Completed (Select)

      After selecting process and clicking on update button, Page appears as Applicant Status which shows that:
      – Round is Screening
      – Pre-status is new
      – Current Status is process
      – Inserted is the date on which the record is inserted

      View Selection History : View the past interaction with applicant as per interaction

      Select Candidate :

      If the employer finds the Candidate suitable, click and select applicant. Change the applicant status as selected directly by clicking the green button.

      Contact Candidate : In case of any clarification or feed back submit the contact form.

      Add Comment & Rate the Job Applicant

      - Add comments in resume, which will be visible only to employer & recruiters.
      - Rate the applicant by clicking the rate button.
      - Applicant Rating page appears.
      - Now rate the applicant for further selection process.
      - After choosing the Rate point from the drop down list, Click the rate button.

      Resume Match Detail:

      Check the Applicant Vs Job compatibility. It ranks the applicant using – Location, Industry, Experience, Job Type as Job criteria.

      View Current Status:

      View and Change the status of the status of the applicant
      View Applicant details by:
      – All Applicants
      – Screening Round
      – Telephone Round
      – Interview Round
      – Skill check Round
      – Background check Round
      – Reference check Round

      Based on interaction with applicant – edit selection round, rate candidate, contact, add comment, delete or Select Candidate.

      Search Applicants: Search Applicants by First Name, Last Name, email address, Selection Round or Applicant ID.

      List of Selected applicants: View list of selected candidates, also send offer letter and create an Excel Report.

      Send Offer Letter: Send offer letter to selected candidates.

      Candidate Status: Update whether Candidate has joined or declined the job.


      The Applicant Tracking Software generates various Reports that can give a dashboard of applicant status to employers like – Applicant pipeline, Screening Round, Telephone Round, Interview Round, Skill check Round, Background check Round, Reference check Round, Selected, Joined, Declined etc. It also gives Round wise reports like New, In Process, Rejected, Approved and Applicant Round/Status Report, Date wise Applied Applicants.

      Round Wise Reports:

      Applicant Round/Status Reports:

      Date Wise Applied Applicants:

      Delete Applicant: Delete the applicant from – List of Applicants, if he is unsuitable for the job.

      If you need any assistance please create a support ticket and we will be happy to answer.
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