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  • gayathri -

    Job Opening Details

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    To call customers to sell Personal Loan

    Candidate should be confident

    Only females candidate may apply
  • gayathri -

    Job Opening Details

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    ·To create productive, professional relationships with channel and their key personnel.

    ·To ensure assigned targets are achieved for profitable sales volume and strategic objectives.

    ·Manages potential channel conflict by development excellent…
  • gayathri -

    Job Opening Details

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    • Any Graduate Male/Female( FRESHERS ARE WELCOME)
    • Good Teaching abilities
    • Good Technical skills
    • Should have knowledge of Internet, MS office, MS- Access, etc.
    • Fluency in Marathi, Hindi English is must
    • Liking for teaching school students from Std 1st to Std 10th
  • gayathri -

    Job Opening Details

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    NIIT kothrud hiring for Java Faculty
    Experience : both Freshers & Experience
    Location : Pune
  • gayathri -

    Job Opening Details

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    Tele Callers with Good Communication Skills. Any graduates can apply.


  • We are all aware that we live in a global community and that is a reality. For many HR professionals, it is becoming common to not only focus on a local workforce, but also a global one.

    Many HR network contributors have also shared their views about hiring international co-workers to help grow business and train new employees in a foreign country. In this article, let’s look at the other side of the coin: hiring locals over expats.

    According to the Financial Times an employee who is sent to live abroad for a set time period is called an expatriate employee. An expatriate is expected to relocate abroad, with or without family, for as short a period as six months to a year; typical expat assignments, usually, range from two to five years.

    Advantages of Hiring Locals for your International Business:

    1.Knowledge of the local culture and business practices

    Local candidates understand the culture in which they live. That means they can navigate potential problems with greater… [Read More]
  • 1. “’Restore connection’ is not just for devices, it is for people too. If we cannot disconnect, we cannot lead.” -Arianna Huffington

    2. "I decided I can't pay a person to rewind time, so I may as well get over it." -Serena Williams

    3. “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” -Dolly Parton

    4. “Finally I was able to see that if I had a contribution I wanted to make, I must do it, despite what others said. That I was OK the way I was. That it was all right to be strong.” -Wangari Maathai

    5. “Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.” -Margaret Wheatley

    6. “I just want women to always feel in control. Because we’re capable, we’re so capable.” -Nicki Minaj

    7. “The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” -Iyanla Vanzant

    8. "Champions keep playing until they get it right." -Billie Jean King

    9. “My best successes… [Read More]
  • You got the job. Now for the hard part: deciding whether to accept it or not. How should you assess the salary as well as the other benefits? Which publicly available information should you rely on? How should you try to get a better deal? And what’s the best way to decline an offer if it’s not the right job for you?

    Shift your mind-set

    First, you must recognize that receiving an offer represents a new and different phase of the job search process. The purpose of the interview is to get the offer. The next stage is about weighing that offer and then negotiating it with your new employer. Keep in mind that even though the job is yours if you want it, you must continue to be enthusiastic in your dealings with your manager. By sounding suspicious or by questioning something about the offer, you are sending a negative signal. It sounds as if you’re uncertain that you want job. Employers need to feel that you are committed.

    Be Methodical

    Next, you need to think about what matters… [Read More]
  • Company culture is a major factor in the world of hiring and business. When it comes to improving work productivity and employee relations, gender bias is often something that is easily overlooked.

    Knowing how to respond to gender bias in the workplace isn't as clear-cut as it may seem, but it's still important for workers. "Gender diverse companies have higher returns than non-gender diverse companies," says Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder of Ellevest. "They have lower risk, greater innovation, greater employee engagement. The performance of companies with gender-diverse teams is so much better."

    In the last few years, charges of gender discrimination in the workplace have increased. How exactly should an HR safeguard against discrimination in his or her workplace? What is the best way to handle it?
    Dealing effectively with discrimination is a two-step process: become knowledgeable with regard to anti-discrimination laws, and pay close attention to what’s happening in your company.

    [Read More]
  • Apart from solely job responsibilities, the most important things that influence employee motivation and happiness, and how productive they are, depends also on their working environment.

    If you give it a thought, if your work environment is ‘positive’, that means you will fit well into the work culture of that organization. You are on good terms with your superiors, your peers and your co-workers, you feel comfortable working in the office, and at the end of the day, you will look back at it as a positive experience, you’ll find that you are much more satisfied and productive.

    Every organization needs to create and sustain a healthy work environment in order to be able to attract the best talent, and retain their employees, boost employee morale and to create a healthy and stress-free environment to work in.

    Below are a few such tips which would help you understand how to do so as an HR:

    1. Open Communication

    Good communication is the most essential part of an effective working[Read More]