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  • Countless managers and newcomers to the field alike are struggling when it comes to the intricacies of managing a massive recruitment drive, is there a simple way for the HR department to organize themselves to handle sudden flow of new employees?

    In fact, you can check out these tips to better plan your recruitment drive as you work toward on-boarding new team members. Learn what important mistakes to avoid and to manage a recruitment drive like a professional.

    Don’t drop the rock on your own foot
    Firstly, you need to understand that your hard work for any recruitment drive will be in vain if you don’t know what key mistakes to lookout for. Most HR managers expect their teams to be equipped to deal with the sudden influx of applicants, but many companies fail to realize that they have not put in much effort time and resources towards the recruitment process. It is important to collect data about your own recruitment process in particular.
    For example, many HR managers don’t keep
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  • As the corporate culture is developing and updating day by day, it requires the HR systems to also update. Much time is taken by the HR systems to evolve from the manual process that was used for years to the self-service HRIS system.

    HRIS is the acronym for Human Resource Information System, which is a software package. It is mainly developed to help the human resource management professionals to manage and handle the data more efficiently and professionally. In other words, it is the intersection of Human resource management with Information technology. It looks after a number of activities which includes all those activities which are related to human resource management, accounting, management and payrolls.With the incorporation of HRIS into the corporate culture, the HRM is now working more efficiently and is developing into a better system.

    There are various components of the HRIS System like Database, time and labor management, payroll function, benefits, employee interface,
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  • The glass ceiling effect is a very common term used in the human resource management. It is an unseen barrier which do not allow the women and minorities to raise to the higher ranks of the corporation irrespective of their qualities. Even being in the 21st century, the glass ceiling still exists in most of the companies. It is something that has penetrated so much in our corporate culture. it is actually the resistance to the achievements and accomplishments of the women as well as the minorities to reach the top rank of the managements. Initially, this term was only restricted to the women, but them it also extended to the men and women of the minorities.

    In the early 1980’s, instead of glass ceiling another term was used, called as “mommy track”. This term was associated the women who had small children, because they were thought to be less motivated and disciplined than the male workforce. It was assumed that the women who are childbearing would take longer leaves or would
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  • Are you looking for a new job? You must be excited. But job hunting is a very tedious process. it takes considerable amount of time and effort to find suitable jobs which you might like. Sorting out jobs in your field and qualification to fixing interviews and finally going to the interview getting the job is itself is a challenge many of us are reluctant to take. But this should not be a hindrance towards a better possibility you might get.

    So here are a few tips to increase your confidence and positivity to help you ace any interview and give you an edge over other candidates.

    1. Better Research
    We don't need to tell you the importance of research as most of you are aware of it. What more important is the type of research you need to do so that you can manage your time effectively. Before applying for the job make sure the job is suitable to you by all means and you really want to do it. Do a thorough research on the company and position you are applying for. if possible you can
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  • The hiring process always has been one of the most important and tedious aspect of an organization and it's success. While the demand is high you also don't want to hire just any person who is fit for the job on paper. But how to know if you are hiring the better talents than your competition? Well while only time can provide you with that answer, here we are talking about five tips for you to hire better talents for your organization.

    1. Be specific
    The hiring process starts right from when you sit and draft the job description for the position you want to hire. So make sure that you describe the position as neatly as you can. A vague job description will attract a lot of unwanted candidature for the position. Equally a neat and to the point job description can attract better suitors and can save you a lot of time during the interview process.

    2. Selection of candidates
    The process of selection of the candidates though has many aspects to it, ultimately, apart from the necessary
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  • Are you looking forward to start your career in HR management?! Or may be you are already an HR manager looking forward to explore the path and want to become better at managing human resources for your organization. If you fall under any one of the categories mentioned above, then this article is for you. Here are some simple things that can make you a better HR manager.
    1. Be strategic
    As an HR your thinking should be always strategic and in line with the company policies and overall goal. While drafting and devising HR strategies, you should have the ability to think and and place yourself both side of the table. This both sided perspective can strengthen your strategic thinking and can make you both a 'people's person' and 'boss favourite'.

    2. Adaptibility
    Being the HR manager you need to be able to adapt to today's changing work culture and environment. Keeping yourself updated with recent knowledge of the industry and professions associated with will not only help you in
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  • The workforce trends of the present day have caused a lot of tumult. Despite the challenges such as shorter terms for employees and periodic team formation changes, life has been affected in both small and considerable ways. All organizations worldwide notwithstanding industry, geography or category face pressure every day to meet higher expectations regardless of expenses and cost concerns. But sometimes, expectations cost money and also does not heed any boundaries.

    Employees today have higher expectations be it coaching and development or compensation. Organizations too have high expectations of employees. For example, Organizations expect employees to grasp constant changes within the organization, to be more "updated" and take on more responsibility. HRs' around the world, found that handling high employee expectations is a huge concern. These three insights can help.

    Providing a Work-Space Culture that Performs:

    Culture is one of the most pressing talent issues today, and
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  • Let’s explore the intersection of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial activities occurring within an organization and how these activities bring value to any business.Businesses everywhere are trying to create more creative atmospheres for employees. But what if the answer isn’t open office space or an office beer cooler, but a higher engagement score?Research by Gallup found that 61% of engaged employees feed off the creativity of their colleagues, compared to a 9% of disengaged employees. In addition, it found that 59% of engaged employees believe their job brings out their most creative ideas, compared to only 3% of disengaged employees.

    Finally, are you familiar with the intrapreneur? This discussion will also touch on this type of person/personality.

    Intrapreneurs are those employees who are assigned to work on a special projects and ideas, and they are instructed to develop the project like an entrepreneur would. Intrapreneurs usually have the resources and capabilities[Read More]
  • In order to grow and improve at work, it’s important to have access to repeated feedback and conversations focused on professional development. At all types of companies and at all levels, getting clarity and direct feedback is imperative for improving at your job and develop new skills.In order to make a commitment to the personal growth of your own and your managers’, it is best to make it a priority to check in often with them and maintain a rapport with them. Feedback conversations play an important role in employee success; this is sometimes difficult when the feedback may be negative in nature.

    Sometimes feedback sessions with an employee about performance means sharing criticism and unpleasant insights. This kind of feedback is necessary and it can be challenging to sugar-coat or offer your suggestions that does not upset the employee or make them feel offended. It is difficult for people to hear the less than perfect aspects of about how they are doing at work and even though
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  • If you are a member of the HR department, you know how tricky and difficult the job can be sometimes. It is especially difficult to stay within your company's recruitment agencies but still being able to produce high quality talent fit for your organization.
    This is something difficult to do especially if you don't have the resources. Fortunately, there is a way for you to stretch your recruitment budget and be able to find the quality hires you. How? Well, first you need to post your job postings in your website and all your company's social media accounts.

    Next, you can start posting them in free job posting portals where quality talents often frequent to find new employment. If you are new in the idea to post jobs free online or have no idea which sites are the best to post, well here are the top list of free job posting websites for you:

    1. Wisestep
    This site is one of the biggest job posting sites that offer you as many job searches and candidates resumes as you want. But aside[Read More]