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  • The recruitment process is a critical part of the human resource management. To recruit an employee a proper strategy is planned. Recruitment is basically the process of finding the most appropriate candidate from a pool of applicants. The selection of an applicant is most often considered one of a very vital function in an organization. The organization execute a proper staffing plan and decide how many employees that can recruit. This decision is made on various internal and external factors. …

  • Performance Appraisal is a system followed by almost every organization. Performance appraisal system is basically designed and structured to analyze and evaluate the performance of an employee throughout the year and to determine the potential for improvement and development. The factors which are to be measured are: - Job knowledge - Leadership abilities - Punctuality - Output - Behavior etc. Performance appraisals helps to bring the promotions, confirmations, compensation reviews, bonus, impr…

  • In order to ensure its competitive position in the market, a company must carry out training and developmental programs for their employees. Training and development is a very important part of an organization and has a vital role in human resource management. It is the best way to upgrade the skills of the employees as per the changing environment and according to the rising competition in the market. Training and development always give a higher quality output from the employees. Most of the c…

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