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  • You got the job. Now for the hard part: deciding whether to accept it or not. How should you assess the salary as well as the other benefits? Which publicly available information should you rely on? How should you try to get a better deal? And what’s the best way to decline an offer if it’s not the right job for you?

    Shift your mind-set

    First, you must recognize that receiving an offer represents a new and different phase of the job search process. The purpose of the interview is to get the offer. The next stage is about weighing that offer and then negotiating it with your new employer. Keep in mind that even though the job is yours if you want it, you must continue to be enthusiastic in your dealings with your manager. By sounding suspicious or by questioning something about the offer, you are sending a negative signal. It sounds as if you’re uncertain that you want job. Employers need to feel that you are committed.

    Be Methodical

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  • There is even the best way to lose! Yeah! Definitely you can utilize your rejection as a golden opportunity for you to enter into the corporate sector. Most of you might feel annoying after reading these words but analysis reflects that as a truth. There are always some methods to turn negatives into positives but you need to use them in right way.

    When we receive a rejection mail from a company that we visited recently for a job interview then most of the time we read the response with an annoyed face and then move ahead. Searching for a new job! But did you ever thought of dropping a reply message to that mail? It is good to stay focused towards your goals, stay confident and keep heads high even after rejection but you should at least know the tricks to grab golden opportunities on the way.

    You know hundreds of graduates apply for jobs every day, many of them receive the interview call and of course many get rejected. This is a cold reality that only a few are able to get job.
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  • As per statistics, about 70 to 80% US workers are not happy with their jobs. The reason behind is that they are not able to have any control over their job conditions. They first joined jobs for few extrinsic reasons and then had a fear to make the transition. The ultimate result is that today they do not find any positive motivation for the work they are doing. People are getting paid, and even highly paid, so they are losing motivation to take a shift towards their dream career.

    We belong to a generation where we have limited hours to enjoy as all of them are occupied with work. Most of us are going to spend whole life earning more and more but after retirement, a thought comes to every mind what if I would have chased my passion? May be I could have satisfaction along with money. And this thought makes everything look shady and colorless. There is no doubt that passion brings satisfaction to our life but only if you follow it in right way. Experts say that if you choose your dream
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  • So, now you have finally applied for a job in BPO Company? That’s great ! But I often find people who don’t even know the meaning of BPO when they apply for such jobs. The only reason behind their BPO job priority is that they have heard that is an easy job. Anyway, BPO actually means Business Process Outsourcing. BPO jobs lead you to a call center and the fact is that this sector can also employee people who are lacking somewhere in education. But the only thing that matters is you are good in English. The only reason behind why foreigners are better suited for BPO jobs is that they have great English speaking skills. Once you are able to mix few tricks with your great English then definitely the job is all yours.

    Now, as you have applied for a BPO job and expecting a call for interview so, it is time to get prepared to face it with a positive attitude. First of all, you must collect information about what the company does, where you have sent your resume. The Business process
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  • Most of the people dream about a highly paid career opportunity but very rare of them know the tricks to land at high paying jobs. One common thought in the mind of every graduating student use to be that he/she will soon step into the corporate world with highly salaried job. But the story uses to take the wrong turn in their life and they never feel satisfied with what they earn from a job.

    Are you too planning a high paying job? That is actually a great idea but you should know what makes you eligible to get that dream job. Unemployment is increasing day by day just because recruiters are not able to find right candidates for available job vacancies. So definitely there is a need to upgrade skills and knowledge as per industry standards to be a part of the corporate world.

    Below are some expert tips that can help you to land at high paying jobs with ease:
    • First of all, it is good to judge your interest; explore your thoughts and come with an idea that makes you happy. You must
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  • Recruiters often spend their time in interview sessions so they get a chance to meet different types of candidates. After years of experience, they use to get a perfect idea about which candidate can pursue a bright career in their company and how much beneficial he/she can be for the overall growth. So, if you are also searching for a job then it is good to get some idea of what recruiters think about different types of candidates and what kind of personality or attitude they demand. If you are not able to prove yourself in the face to face round then there are chances that you as well as your resume will simply get disappeared into a black hole after the interview session.

    If you have received a call for an interview that means someone has gone through your resume and it might have indicated certain kind of useful qualities about you. Fantastic! Now it is time to close the job deal by leaving a memorable impression in the interview round.

    There is no doubt to say that even for a
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  • Once you have successfully crafted your resume along with cover letter as per specific job vacancy then next important thing is to understand facts that can help you to achieve your goal. The details below focuses on all major interview tips that can help employees to succeed in their dream job hiring process.

    Research is important:
    Success for any job interview is based on your true efforts to grab knowledge related to that particular job type. Spare some time to understand your employer, their background and major requirements of job profile. More research about these topics means you will get much closer to specifications and there will be more chances of getting hired. Search engines published materials and various research tools can help you to get better results.

    Master of common interview questions:
    There are always few frequently asked questions in interviews so their responses must be well planned. Make some efforts to know most expected questions for that free job profile
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  • Have you completed your graduation now? If yes then most of you must be planning for a job as next step for life. That is a great idea but in order to achieve success, you need to clarify all your job goals. Start by crafting a well-structured resume along with appropriate online presence. Now it is time to submit your online application form for job application. If you do not make proper research about the checklist for new job application then probabilities say that you will never be able to hear back from companies. Below are details about some of the most important checklists for your job application:

    1. Ensure that you are a perfect match:
    First of all, you need to ensure that you are applying for the right job that has requirements as per your skills and education level. There are few core and must have requirements of companies and they never entertain other applicants for such specific jobs.

    2. Apply before 72 hours:
    Once the job gets published online the best responses are
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  • Recruiters often receive hundreds of resumes for every job opening but they spend time on scrutiny and come out with a list of best applicants. You must be curious to know that how they analyze the best candidate from a resume or in simple words how your resume plays an important role in the hiring process. A well-crafted resume can present a glimpse of your actual personality so that recruiters can form a pre -judgement about you. If you are thinking that does a resume or CV plays any role in hiring process then answer is yes, of course, it works like the most important piece of document.

    How Resume or CV plays an important role?
    • When you create a clean and simple header for your resume will necessary information then it helps the recruiters to grab basic information about you so easily. Your email address, local address and phone number etc make it much easier for them to initiate a contact. Hence the very first section of resume plays one of the most important roles to bring you in
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  • Finding your dream job is not difficult but you need to direct yourself with strong commitment and right efforts. Luckily, one day you will be able to earn money with a higher level of satisfaction and it will be true growth for your career. What are your plans to set right job, perfect career and proper lifestyle for you? How hard are you working in this direction? Actually, everything must be well planned and well managed to move on the desired path so that you need not compromise with your job and salaries.

    People who seem happy with their job have opted for struggle towards right direction at some point in life; they initiated steps towards their dream goals so that a perfect lifestyle can be achieved. But you must realize that perfect career, job and life come with different size and shapes that can balance equation of happiness, success, and fulfillment. Making billions with your work doesn’t mean that you are doing a perfect job but if you find love and happiness with your
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  • So as to have a better chance to be the next candidate called for an interview. Professional resume tips will definitely give you that much-needed edge which will distinguish from others. In this article, some essential professional resume tips will be mentioned to assist you in writing your resume.

    The length of your resume does not really matter
    The length of your resume will be determined by how much working experience that you have before, but length prevents your resume from standing out.
    On the off chance that you are a fresh graduate looking for a job, or just do not have much experience in the field in which you are applying for. Page of the resume is enough as this will serve as a brief way, to sum up your qualities and previous working experience without taking much of time.
    But in the case whereby you have more working experience in the position which you are applying for, a two-page resume is more suitable. Also if you are just listing things for the sake of making the
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  • Have you ever wondered why you are getting few callbacks despite the fact that you have sent out literally thousands of CV's via email and dropped even more in mailboxes?

    Many job seekers face this kind of dilemma constantly and are unable to tell what the real issue is; they have the necessary qualifications and experience but are unable to go beyond the first stage.

    A CV / Resume works like the most essential tool for your personal advertisement; it must have the useful content to promote and sell your experience as well as skills during an interview. Your resume must be designed with all important details so that it can present you well for particular opportunity.

    If this is your story, your CV might just be the reason why you are stranded in the job market. As a job seeker, your CV is a marketing tool for your brand (You). It is your first foot in the door and like many others, it is a chance to sell yourself and make the hiring manager see why you might be a great option for
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  • Have you ever come across employments that did not have enough insights with respect to the job details or obligations? What about that position that lack what you will be doing when coming abroad? Regularly time, serious job seekers search for occupations that fit their idea of a job. Be that as it may, it turns into an all-day work for the individuals who are searching to filter a job descriptions, similarly as Human Resources does. Below are some tips to make job posting more effective.

    At the point when posting a job,you generally need to start with an outline.

    1. Post the position title first. This ought to be the header of any job posting to give spectators a look at a part.
    2. On the off chance that you want to start by writing section headings to describe the role, some of those headings include:
    a. Position Purpose
    b. Issue and Challenges
    c. Fundamental Position Functions
    To whom the occupant needs to keep up regular contact with. This gives a case of living unending
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