Pinned Too many Job Applications but little or no results?

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    • Too many Job Applications but little or no results?

      Axpert Jobs India gives you that competitive edge and so much more!

      At Axpert Jobs, we understand the need for you to find talent that can meet the manpower needs of your business, enterprise or organization. To this end we try to help you reach the right kind of talent by creating a platform to help YOU and recruiters all around India find the right employees - all in a few clicks and at ZERO cost.

      Recruiters, business owners and business managers can now enjoy better, cost-effective recruitment solutions by using our tested and trusted job portal to access a large labor pool. Using our job portal means that you get to enjoy free job postings. You do not have to spend thousands posting job adverts online or offline as we have created a platform that is designed to attract the brightest and the best minds in India.

      The best part?

      We give employers and recruiters a chance to post jobs and access our readily available talent database for FREE!

      Our platform is open to recruiters from various sectors and industries. Our talent pool comprises of prospective employees with diverse skill sets, varying level of experience and professional qualifications. Whether you are looking for entry-level employees who can grow with your organization or interested in more experienced employees with professional qualifications and experience needed to handle your top-level positions, Axpert Jobs has the answer to every need.

      Talent Sourcing Just Got Easier
      For employers looking to gain access to a readily available labor market, we have designed and developed various software to facilitate the process. This way, employers can enjoy faster results on smaller recruitment budgets.

      Complete Process Management
      From the time you post the job to the time you make your final selection, Axpert has got you covered. We have created a straightforward, simple and easy-to-use process to make recruitment a more enjoyable experience.

      Applicant Tracker
      Know and keep up with every application that comes in for your job posting using our Applicant Tracker. With this, you can sieve through all received applications speedily and Carry out your shortlisting in lesser time. The Applicant Tracker saves you the stress of paperwork and eliminates the issue of unnecessary overload of unqualified applications. Only the qualified get through to the application stage.

      The Quickfinder is our advanced search engine for employers who would rather headhunt for applicants instead of following the job posting route. The Quickfinder lets you find prospective employers quickly using a few keywords. It arranges jobs per industry, sub-sector and job titles to make the talent sourcing process as smooth as possible.