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    • Job Posting Guidelines.

      We @ Axpert Jobs want employers to grow their business by simplifying the process of selecting and hiring talented Job Seekers as Employees. This is why we @ Axpert Jobs request all employers, job agencies, consultancies, Human Resource (HR's) and recruiters to follow the guidelines below so that the Job Seeker can find the job requirement to be real and meaningful opportunity to improve his/her career.

      When posting jobs on Axpert Jobs India (Free Job Board) please make sure that each job should be posted only once and should describe completely regarding job position open for recruitment.

      What Information is required while posting a job?

      Job Title : : Enter a Title which will grab the attention of the Job Seeker

      Location : : Please include complete location of the company ( Area, City)

      Salary : : Please enter the salary offered for the job. Specify if its annually or monthly.

      Posted on : : Leave it As Is

      Vacancy will be added : : Job Posting Closing Date

      Job Type : : Full-time / Part time

      Experience required : : If you are looking for experienced Job seeker

      Job category: : Select the appropriate job category for which you are recruiting for

      All relevant information about the job such as hours, pay structure, skill required, qualifications and any information that is relevant to the job requirement.

      The job offer must not require any form of payment from the job seeker or be discriminatory in nature.

      We do not allow the following type of job postings:

      • Job fairs
      • Training opportunities
      • Depositing Money
      • Commission Basis
      • Work at Home

      We @ Axpert Jobs may modify, reject, or remove any job postings for any or no reason.

      How to write Best & Professional Job Postings?