Pravip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore) (Fraud Company)

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    • Pravip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore) (Fraud Company)

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      Pravip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore) Is the worst company to work with.

      Here is my story.

      Me and my friend were trying to give this company a BPO Project and the CEO and HR Manager cheated us by not paying a single Ruppee for the work we completed.

      When CEO Vishwanath and HR manager Gururaj Shirali first approached us, we clearly told them that to set up any process the first and foremost important thing is we need to have atleast 3 months back up for employee salaries and office expenses. Then CEO Vishwanath tells me that he is one of the directors in Stay Fit and also he is working in Vidhana Soudha (Karnataka State Govt) and had lots of black money and not to worry about money. As that kind of assurance was given we proceeded with the process. Before proceeding with the process me and my friend were assured Rs. 30,000 each every month for the process setup. I requested Rs. 20,000 for marketing. They accepted for it.

      We took interviews and hired candidates from Rs. 8000 - Rs. 12000. We selected around 11 candidates and started the process. As we started the training I came to know that there was a process previously running which had closed due to lack of quality work delivered and management skills. 3-4 employees who joined our process were from that process and were waiting for salaries from past 2-3 months. That's were I had my own doubts. As the training was completed and I was waiting for Marketing. He cleared 1 employee from my team and other HR Executives salary as they working from 2-3 months. I see that next day they did not comeback to office as they received the salary.

      As the training was going on we asked for money for marketing purposes. Mr. Vishwanath said that he is trying to transfer money to our account from past 3 days and blames SBI bank website was down for 1 week and thats the reason for delay, this situation made me realize that I had already fallen in to a trap. Then he says Guru his HR Manager has all his debit cards and he will come and get the transfer done. Almost they made us wait for the money for 15-18 days. During this period the training was complete with out any clients.

      On 21st March they gave me Rs. 20000 for marketing. Me and my friend completed the marketing process and got him 4 clients within 25th of March 2018. The managers who leaded the team along with Guru were so dumb that they could not even communicate in English or even understand whats written in the email by the client. I was shocked that how come managers and HR Manager in this company do not know English. Because of there lack of management and communication skills they lost 2 clients. So I got in to the picture and some how retained the other 2 clients.

      The work was slowly growing and I was eagerly waiting for salary and then suddenly we get a call stating they are closing the process as they were getting a domestic chat process. As I saw so many problems with the company I said Ok.

      On 13th of April they immediately call all employees and few were given Rs. 3000- Rs. 5000 as settlement and rest half were paid Post Dated Cheques. People who ever received Post dated cheques could not encash it as the company stopped payment to them.

      When they closed the project they That really shows lack of professionalism with the CEO and HR Manager who run this company.

      We kept quite as we understood that they will never give any compensation and all I had to think that I gave charity to their office survival. After 2 weeks they call us again and say they want to restart the process, because they saw many clients coming in to their company and had no other projects coming in. So we said he has to clear all our dues first and then we will start the process, they said OK and made us wait for 3 days. End result was he wanted us to train their employees on marketing and process and he would give a so called Post Dated Cheque.

      Pravip Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a fraud company that owes us Rs. 90000/- for the work completed and have no idea how much they owe to their Ex-Employees.

      All the reviews I saw in the google are there Ex employees. I am sure they provided good reviews so that they get the salary and now if we ask them they will provide the lowest rating.

      If you have a positive or negative feedback then please post them here so that others can know about it.