Pinned Frequently Asked Questions For Job Seeker.

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    • Frequently Asked Questions For Job Seeker.

      1. Is there any registration fees to apply for jobs?
      Ans. No, We are not charging any fees for job seekers. All job seekers in India can use the portal free of cost.

      2. What are the advantages of using Axpert Job Search Portal?
      Ans. You can upload upto 10 Resumes to attract recruiters. All the resumes that are uploaded are categorized and sent it to the employers search.

      3. How to get my resume on top of all the search results?
      Ans. Resumes with all fields completed and updated very often show up on the first page of the search results.

      4. Is there any Job Guarantees?
      Ans. Axpert Jobs do not guarantee any job seeker who is applying jobs using our portal.

      5. How can I add my resume to featured resume section?
      Ans. If you want your resume to be featured across the website then you will need to share your interview experience, once we review and find it truthful then we will place your resume in the featured section.
      Ashok Reddy
      Forum Admin
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