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    • Click Jobs is one of the worst job portal websites I have ever worked with.=
      This company is FRAUD and CHEATER.
      I posted a free job posting at click jobs. After 2 days I receive a call stating they have received the information and to let me know that they will send candidates directly to our office if I choose a package. I thought it would be great idea and inquired more.

      They stated they will send the candidates and if the candidates are selected I need to pay Rs. 3000/- candidate. So I made the payment thinking that they will send the candidates. I paid Rs. 15000/- for 5 candidates and till date we did not receive any candidates.

      I paid them on october 2016 and after making the payment as I did not receive any candidates I called them back and asked why.
      A lady called Nidhi if it is her real name stated candidates are ready to come for the interview after diwali. So I waited for for one week more and then called them back for the status and I receive the worst experience of so called customer care.

      When ever I call for the status who ever picks the call will only say the person will get back to you and hang up the phone, they wont even listen to what you have to say. GREAT CUSTOMER CARE click jobs have.

      FUNNY thing is every company shows the agreement before making the payment but these guys send an horrible agreement once the payment is made and the agreement is so horrible not to any company standards. Also this company is kept most of the information hidden including there office address and real phone numbers. Even in there own website they do not have there address, just a toll free number.
      Please see the registration details and you will know:

      The person who finalized the deal does not exist in that company any more. Horrible people working in Click Jobs.

      I lost my money. So I would ask everybody not to pay anything to click jobs as they are the worst criminals in the industry. They are cheating both employers and job seekers.

      The following few links will support all the complaints against Click Jobs.…sional-employees-c1111807…lickjobs-com-l454670.html
      Shiv Kumar
      BPO Processors